Services Provided

We are dedicated to treating your companion as if it were one of our own. We ensure that our wide range of specialty surgical services provide your pet with the highest quality care available.

Diagnostic and Lab Procedures:
We provide blood and lab services when indicated or desired, and can usually provide results within 24 hours. Minimally invasive biopsy procedures are available and can many times be done with light to heavy sedation.

Pet Surgery Services:
With our advanced surgical equipment and anesthetic capabilities we can provide increased safety and comfort for your pet. Each patient is closely monitored during their procedure and each animal is appropriately managed to reduce pain and discomfort. Please contact us for a list of surgical procedures that we offer.

Imaging Modalities:
Many specialty practices utilize CR (computed radiographs) for diagnostic radiographs (due to decreased costs of equipment) but image quality suffers and misdiagnoses do occur
. Animal Surgery and Advocacy Services has true DR (digital radiographs) providing superior image quality. Ultrasonography is available for noninvasive diagnostic imaging of the body and for obtaining biopsies. Review by board certified radiologists is available.

Same Day Surgery:
Our clients have requested and appreciated the convenience of same day surgeries. It has reduced the amount of time needed to be taken off from work and kept the cost of travel time to a minimum. Outpatient procedures help keep the total care cost down, decrease the degree of stress for the patient by minimizing the amount of time being away from their home and family, and help reduce the development of certain infections.

Cash and check accepted for payment. Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards are also accepted for payment.


Extended Payment Schedule
Extending lines of credit through the clinic are discouraged as this increases the cost of care for everyone. Payment plans will be considered only in extreme circumstances.

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